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  abstract = {The paper presents new techniques for the transformation of
                  lazy narrowing in logic programs. A formalism, called demand
                  patterns, is introduced, and used to define a demand driven
                  strategy to compute lazy narrowing. The strategy is used to
                  produce standard PROLOG code from programs written in a
                  functional-logic language. Our method has a number of
                  advantages over other approaches. While it can compute a
                  larger class of program, it needs less reevaluation effort,
                  and fully uses efficient elements of PROLOG compilers. The
                  gain of efficiency is shown by presenting the execution
                  times of some example programs.}
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  abstract = {In this paper, we investigate the implementation of a lazy
                  functional logic language (in particular the language BABEL)
                  which uses disequality constraints for solving equations and
                  building answers. We specify a new operational semantics
                  which combines lazy narrowing with disequality constraints
                  and we define an abstract machine tailored to the execution
                  of BABEL programs according to this semantics. The machine
                  is designed as a quite natural extension of a lazy graph
                  narrowing machine. Disjunctions of disequalities are handled
                  using the backtracking mechanism.}
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