1st Meeting in Commemoration of Alan Turing - 2012 Year of Computer Science


August 6- 8  2012

Director:         Juan José Moreno-Navarro

                        IMDEA Software y Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

                        Turing Year Committee Chair / Computer Science Year Spain


Secretary:      Elvira Mayordomo

                        Universidad de Zaragoza


Course description


This meeting is part of the national and international celebrations of the Alan Turing Year / Year of Computer Science. Alan Mathison Turing, considered the father of computing as we know it today, was born in London on June 23, 1912. Thus, 2012 is the centenary of his birth. Today his work is universally recognized as an exceptional scientist and intellect, although his personal life was less fortunate. A movie life uncommon for a scientist that was connected with the espionage that allowed the Allied victory in World War II and that ended with his suicide motivated by his conviction for homosexuality.

The Alan Turing Year / Year of Computer Science offers the opportunity to spread the global developments and research in Computer Science as well as the significant and excellent results Spain is showing in this field. These same goals are assumed by the meeting: On the one hand we want to honor Alan Turing and publicize his life and work. On the other hand, we intend to analize the significant progress of IT (Information Technology) in Spain, studying the contributions in each of its sub-areas: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture, Software Development, Natural Language, Image Processing, etc.

The course consists of three blocks:

1. The figure of Alan Turing,

2. Advances in Computer Science in Spain, and

3. The Future of Information Technology in Spain and worldwide.

In this sense, we will have conferences on the work of Alan Turing and his visionary capacity of the subsequent evolution of computing. Prestigious national and foreign researchers will analyze the current challenges in their area of ​​expertise, making this meeting a magnificent prospective assessment of future research, always in a highly divulgative fashion. We will also stress the very significant Spanish contribution to these challenges. 

This course is aimed at those interested in the dissemination of advances in research, extension and research managers, young researchers and fans of advances in new technologies.



Block 1:Monday August 6th: Open Challenges and Spanish contributions


 LUNES 6        


9.30h              Documentation


10.00h            Opening

Rector, UIMP

Course Directors


10.30h             The Amazing Journey of Artificial Intelligence

Ramón López de Mántaras



12.00h            Natural Language Processing

Manuel Palomar

U. de Alicante


15.30h            Data Bases

Arantza Illaramendi

Universidad del País Vasco


16.30h            Roundtable: Computer Science in Spain

Juan José Moreno Navarro

Manuel Palomar

Ramón López de Mántaras

Arantza Illaramendi

Juan Corro, State Secretary for Communications and  Information Society (confirmation pending)



Elvira Mayordomo


Block 2: Tuesday August 7th: Alan Turing and the birth of Computer Science

MARTES 7       



9.30h            Turing and the birth of computers

Rod Downey, Victoria University of Wellington (Nueva Zelanda)


11.00h            Humanoid robots and Alan Turing's vision of Artificial Intelligence

Luc Steels, Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris (Francia)


15.30h            Turing from Mathematics

Antonio Campillo, Royal Spanish Mathematical Society 



Bloque 3: Miércoles 8 de Agosto: Computer Science in Perspective



  9.30h          Neurotechnology: Looking for the connection between brains and computers

Javier Mínguez, Universidad de Zaragoza, Bitbrain Technologies

11.30 h        Commercialization of Innovation and Entrepreneurialism

                          Manuel Fuertes, ISIS Innovation, Universidad de Oxford


13.30h                Closing



Activity of the Alan  Turing Year/Year of Computer Science






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