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McErlang is a model checker for programs written in the Erlang programming language.

The idea is to replace the part of the standard Erlang runtime system that concerns distribution, concurrency and communication with a new runtime system which simulates processes inside the model checker, and which offers easy access to the program state.

The McErlang project is partly funded through the ProTest project by the European Commission.

We work at the Babel group from the Facultad de Informática of the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid.

Luckily, we also have contributors to this project.


November 22, 2011: The McErlang repository moved to GitHub

QuickCheck/McErlang integration now available

30th of June 2010 Second official release of McErlang

McErlang 1.0 was released on the 31st of March 2009

Installing McErlang


McErlang Course/Tutoral

McErlang activities

How to report bugs

Trac uses tickets for project tasks, feature requests, bug reports and software support issues. Create a new ticket

If a verification with McErlang yields a strange result, and you want us to examine the verification run, attempt to generate a file containing the verification data using the command `mce:save_result("mcerlang_bug").' (after the invocation of `mce:start(...)' has terminated). Finally email us the file "mcerlang_bug" together with an explanation of the problem.

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